The Digitization of Records – Manual Records Conversion


At IBG-BPO, we don’t just scan; we produce accessible, searchable and retrievable electronic records and documents, leveraging on records management principles from which, tailored metadata and indexing/file naming conventions, are applied.

Whether your project entails digitizing newspapers, corporate records, government records, medical records etc., we have the expertise, know-how and cutting edge-technologies to support you convert your manual records.

Our digitization services would streamline your organizations ability to search, access, retrieve and manage your business records and documents while cutting extensive costs, securing business continuity and alleviating the stress of finding your own information.

Our Digitization Service options include:

  • Bulk Digitization Services for Backlog Records
  • Day Forward and Front End Capture Processing
  • Digitization on Demand

Other Support Related Digitization Services include:

  • Form Processing – Here we leverge state of the art software technologies required to capture data and enter data from paper to databases.

 Converting your paper-based records into electronic documents can yield tremendous benefits. We have the solutions to design and tailor a Digitization Program to suit your organizations needs and budget, leveraging on tried and tested methodologies that actually work and get work complete within defined timelines.

Contact us today to find out how we can support your information needs, disaster prepardness etc., via our Digitization Services and Programs.