Manual Records Management


Manual Records Management involves the proper creation, maintenance, use and disposal of records. Embarking on a sound Records Management Program is advantageous because it facilitates:

  • The use of a well-organized file-plan, to find information easily.
  • Easier Manual Records, Search, Access and Retrieval via proper file naming and indexing.

Most organization in Ghana, have extensive records management challenges, and as their business records grow, they need support to undertake Records Management Tasks to support in-house Records Managers where existent or Administrative Heads — to put records in the proper order and to catch up with proper records practices.

Have you conducted an audit of your Records to know what records you actually have — if they are complete and whether you can find them upon request? How long does it take you to retrieve a record?

Our offering as an OSP for Manual Records Management involves assisting your organization undertake simple records management tasks to reorganize your existing files according to your file plan.

Some of these simple tasks may include:

  • Listing of files <review of all files and documenting a Master File List (MFL) for all your files etc. >
  • Sorting of files < organizing file contents/records within your files, making sure records are in the appropriate files, and documenting incomplete and inconsistent files, misplaced records etc.>
  • Restoring of files into a new or existing physical storage system < boxing, filing and labeling files in an organized way according to your file system etc.>

Undertaking these tasks, actually prepares your organization for sequential outsourcing solutions such as:

  • Outsourcing the physical storage of your files for external storage to save costs and space.
  • Embarking on an organized Digitization Program.