Featured Case Studies


Project Beneficiary Organization: The Births and Deaths Registry

Project Stakeholders: ITES Ghana/The Ministry of Communication & The Rockefeller Foundation.

Feature Service: Digitization of Manual Records

Problem/Challenge/Need: At the beneficiary agency there was the need for Digital Preservation and Disaster Preparedness of vital, manually archived Birth and Death Records. The Scope of Work (SOW) also involved the need to support a pilot project agenda, in building up youth employment leveraging on the Impact Sourcing Delivery Model – Poverty Reduction through Information and Digital Employment (PRIDE) – a Rockefeller Foundation and ITES collaborative initiative.

Solution: IBG-BPO trained, mentored and worked with over 60 selected < Deprived Poor Youth Trainees>  for over 7 months, running a 24 Hour BPO Operation, to Image Process and Index over 5 Million Records as well as further digitization tasks, involving the unique extraction of over 2 Million of the digitally preserved records into CSV format for integration into an existing database. The project involved hard skills transfer to the trainees and the use of support cutting-edge technologies such as Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Key from Image, to successfully acheive desired project results and deliverables.


Project Beneficiary Organization: The Ministry of Communication

Project Stakeholders: The World Bank Group & The Rockefeller Foundation

Featured Service: eLearning

Problem/Challenge/Need: Development of a Reusable Learning Tool to facilitate the re-use of knowledge in undertaking in-house Digitization and Records Management initiatives.

Solution: Customization of an eLearning Platform for knowledge transfer in Digitization and Records Management Capacity Building and Training. 8 Modules were designed, developed and implementated using a combination of animation, images and voice to recap training content which is now scalable to over 250 Trainees.