eDocsManager Infrastructure Overview_mod

The heavy reliance on manual efforts, to search, access and retrieve manual records — goes a long way to affect productivity, overall efficiency, streamlined work flow and optimized work functions. Organizations, must establish an effective system to organize, manage and search, access and retrieve vital records — electronically.

Now, there is even greater concern for disaster recovery measures to preserve manual records, not to mention greater control over the lifecycle of an organization’s records and greater visibility of information oversight.

This is where eDocsManager comes into play — a robust, scalable, affordable and easy to use Electronic Records and Document Archival Management System (ERDAMS)  that meets the tailored needs of small businesses to large enterprises in Ghana, Nigeria & West Africa.

This solution was designed, taking into consideration the indigenous challenges experienced in the use of records to support business survival, growth and sustainability. It considered key feature functionalities such as:
• Auto scan & Auto Indexing/Cataloguing for the conversion of your manual records.
•  Digital Archiving and the need to Search, Access, Retrieval vital information in a timely fashion.
• Records Classification
• Check In/Check Out and Version Control
• Physical Location Lookup for Manual Records and Electronic Movement Audit Trail.
  Physical File Tracking and More.

With eDocsManager we offer flexible pricing options to meet your budget needs. Contact us today for a Demo and presentation.