Digitization, Business Process Automation…



Are you seeking to transform your organization by addressing critical back-office functional needs/challenges such as Records Management, Digitization, Business Process Automation and Management?

How do you plan on taking on tactical initiatives — inferred from valuable information and know-how¬† to guide such a strategic transformational agenda?

Our BPO Consulting and Training focuses on Consulting, Training and Capacity Development initiatives for vital back-office areas within organizations. We offer many years of industry and implementation know-how in the areas of Digitization, Data Visualizations, Records Management, Business Process Automation and Management, Analytics and more.

Our Consulting Areas cover

  • Records Management Consulting, Training and Capacity Building
  • Digitization Consulting, Training and Capacity Building.
  • Business Process Automation and Management
  • ITES Enabled Services such as Process Consulting, Automation, Re-engineering and Back Office Lifecycle Management.


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