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    Performance Delivered! -- IBG-Software

    ...Solutions that actually work.
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    Consulting -- IBG & Associates

    ...Indigenous local intelligence, international parterships and a bridge to functional knowledge and expertise across industry.
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    Outsourcing -- IBG-BPO

    ...unleashing digital skill-sets, knowledge and know-how to meet your Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) needs.

IBG-BPO (Outsourcing)

Our participation in the outsourcing space is fuelled by the implementation of niche information, records, and data needs and the offer of knowledge workers– to support our local and international clients.

IBG & Associates (Consulting)

As an information and technology enabled business services company, we offer niche management and functional consulting expertise and tailored solutions covering our client’s most critical needs.

IBG-Software (Technology)

Our technology enabled solutions cover the design, development and implementation of systems, portals applications, customized solutions and products for organizations across industry.

The Inter-regional Bridge Group

We are a privately held service provider in Ghana and Nigeria offering a variety of in-demand specialized services, products and solutions as an information technology consulting and business solution firm.

Some Clients & Partners